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Derek Lalonde loves Detroit's Reverse Retro sweater

He's a fan!

Red Wings Feed

The Detroit Red Wings, along with the other 31 National Hockey League clubs, released their anticipated Reverse Retro sweaters earlier this afternoon. And while it's caused plenty of reaction of various ranges amongst the fan base, you can go ahead and count one particularly important member of the team as a fan of the new look in head coach Derek Lalonde. 

While speaking after this morning's practice, Lalonde explained that he loved the new look and can't wait to see it out on the ice when it makes it's official debut next month.

“I loved them. I think they’re classy, they pop,”  Lalonde said. “You see my wardrobe, though, I don’t know if I’m the expert on it, but I thought they were awesome.”

The NHL's chief brand officer and senior executive vice president Brian Jennings explained that each team will wear the new look a maximum of eight times per season. 

“There’s the design process, then the procurement of all the materials and then production,” Jennings said in a release. “When we were winding down the initial 1.0 drop of Reverse Retro jerseys, we were already starting to think about the iterations for this drop.”

The Red Wings will hit the ice for the first time with the new look on November 28 against the Toronto Maple Leafs. The additional dates they'll wear them are set for Dec. 13 vs. Carolina, Dec. 31 vs. Ottawa, Jan. 10 vs. Winnipeg, Jan. 24 vs. San Jose and Feb. 11 vs. Vancouver.