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Detroit Free Press already has an issue with Red Wings coach Derek Lalonde

It didn't take one writer long to dole out a bit of criticism.

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The Derek Lalonde era in Hockeytown is officially upon us, as the former Tampa Bay Lightning assistant coach was named the 28th bench boss in Red Wings history last week during a press conference at Little Caesars Arena. 

And the fact that Lalonde talked about the "process" of returning to the Stanley Cup playoffs rather than promising to compete for a berth next season didn't sit well with one particular writer at The Detroit Free Press. 

Carlos Monarrez didn't exactly take kindly to Lalonde's words of having to "temper expectations", and for what he sees as an undetermined time that fans can start to expect to see success.

Take a quick look at the excerpt from his recently released piece: 

“I think I’d have to temper expectations,” Lalonde said. “We got great in Tampa when we literally just started focusing on process. I know it sounds like such a cliché but to sit there and talk about making the playoffs and where we’re going to be or put any number on wins, I think that’s foolish and that can hurt you if you’re going the wrong way. For me, it’s going to be the process.”

I don’t want to be unfair to Lalonde, because he has a big challenge ahead of him. He has to hire a staff and fix the defense and special teams, among a million other things. His general idea is that if the Wings focus on the process of getting better, of the right things the right way, good results should be a byproduct.

But it’s clear Lalonde is aligning his vision of the organization with Yzerman’s slow-roll tempo that hints at dynastic success at some undetermined time in an uncertain future.


Yes, the process is always important. But sometimes it takes another person — be it a two-time Stanley Cup champ, a rookie of the year or even a pushy sportswriter — to nudge you out of your comfort zone and tell you not to be scared of the next step." 

Do you believe that Lalonde should have had a more urgent tone in his introductory presser to get Detroit back to the postseason?