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JUST IN: Red Wings, Jeff Blashill agree to multi-year contract extension

He's not going anywhere anytime soon.

Michael Whitaker

Of course, the Detroit Red Wings and maligned head coach Jeff Blashill have not agreed to a multi-year extension, though according to his current contract, he still has one year remaining. 

Earlier this week after their 11-2 humiliation against the Pittsburgh Penguins, Blashill explained that he's not concerned with his job status.

"In this business, you never know your future," Blashill said. "That never changes at any point. I've always said, your contract status just gives you financial security. The reality is, we're in the highest level of sports so certainly you understand you have to get the job done."

"I’ve been at this seven years and I’ve gone through lots of ups and downs," he continued. "What you learn over time is to focus on what you can control, and that’s trying to get our ship back in a better direction. So while I understand the questions on that, it’s not at all what my focus is. And honestly, the work and effort that it takes to get this thing back on track is so immense that you can’t waste time on things that are really out of your control."

Whether or not GM Steve Yzerman elects to make the move that the majority of the fan base is calling for and make a change behind the bench when the season ends remains to be seen.