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Red Wings add 2 more names to the Covid list, but also get 2 back.

Mixed bag for the Red Wings.

Jonathan Larrivee

It was almost a day of good news for the Detroit Red Wings, but instead it will be a mixed bag for today.

There was good news for the Red Wings on Sunday with the team announcing that they had gotten 2 players back from the National Hockey League's Covid protocol list. The 2 returning players are forward Robby Fabbri and forward Michael Rasmussen, but unfortunately this is only half the story today.

As quickly as the Red Wings have gotten 2 players back, they have also added 2 new players to the Covid protocol list on Sunday. According to an official announcement from the Red Wings, both forward Lucas Raymond and defenseman Nick Leddy have been added to the Covid protocol list. This likely means that both players will be out for a little while and that will be a big disappointment, especially in the case of Raymond who has been an exciting player to watch this season.

Over his first 31 games in the National Hockey League Raymond already has 10 goals and 18 assists for 28 total points, and it would be a huge shame if this bout of illness derailed the incredible momentum that he has built up for himself this far.

The good news here is that the Red Wings, like the rest of the NHL, are currently shut down as a result of the outbreaks around the league. Additionally none of the players who have come down with the illness during this recent explosion of cases in the NHL has experienced serious symptoms, with most describing the situation as a mild cold or simply the sniffles. Hopefully that will also be the case here, and we can expect both Raymond and Leddy back in relatively short order.