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Red Wings captain Dylan Larkin sounds off on embarrassment vs. Coyotes

The Red Wings have been giving up far too many goals.

Michael Whitaker

Absolutely nothing went right for the Detroit Red Wings last night at Little Caesars Arena against the lowly Arizona Coyotes. 

Multiple defensive breakdowns, sloppy passing work, and a goaltending performance that would make Swiss cheese jealous all resulted in Detroit's most lopsided setback of the season, as the Coyotes put nine goals on the board. At the merciful conclusion of the game, the fans that remained behind that hadn't already departed serenaded Detroit with a chorus of booing.

And for captain Dylan Larkin, he knows that their performance on the ice certainly warranted the harsh reaction, which even included one particularly upset fan throwing his Red Wings jersey onto the ice. 

"It's frustrating, you don't want to hear that, (but) that performance was worthy of the boos," Larkin said. "I don't agree with someone throwing their jersey on the ice but we show up like that at home, we'll get booed. We just have to come out and play way better that.

For a team that had fans thinking of challenging for a return to the postseason, that optimism has dried up in recent weeks thanks to an especially porous display on the blue line and in net. 

"We have to find that again or those last two months will be miserable," Larkin continued. "We're playing a lot of hockey and we have to find the optimism and find a way to come to the rink and play harder for each other, and the fans, than we did tonight.

"If we feel sorry for ourselves, it's just going to keep happening. We have to find a way to be positive, think about this game obviously, and then have to work in the last (seven) weeks of the season because it's going to be a grind and we can't let it keep going that way."

The Red Wings are back in action tomorrow night at home, bringing in the Minnesota Wild.