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Red Wings top recent “offseason improvement” list!

Several notable additions helped make this possible.

Red Wings Feed

It goes without saying - the 2022-23 edition of the Detroit Red Wings that hit the ice in October for their opening night matchup against the Original 6 rival Montreal Canadiens will look far different than the squad that finished last season as the NHL's worst defensive team. 

And thanks to the multiple moves made at all three positions by general manager extraordinaire Steve Yzerman, the Red Wings are expected to take a major step forward in the upcoming season. In fact, according to The Athletic, they're the most improved squad out of all 32 clubs. 

Check it out: 

"The Detroit Red Wings balled out this summer spending big money in hopes of clawing out of the league’s basement and forging a path toward contention. 

"Up front, David Perron and Andrew Copp are legitimate top-six talents that should immediately provide some depth scoring beyond the top line. Detroit has long depended on Dylan Larkin and his linemates to do it all. Now it doesn’t have to. Perron and Copp aren’t stars, but they move the needle and provide strong support. Add Dominik Kubalik to the mix and the top nine looks the scariest it has in a long time."

"The team’s biggest add though comes in net with Ville Husso. Detroit took a calculated risk last offseason with Alex Nedeljkovic and it’s doing something similar with Husso. It’s another young goalie who got hot and showed starter potential. The duo has tremendous upside, but the small sample risk remains real for both. As long as one of them hits it’s a good bet though, giving Detroit some stability in net for the first time since the last time Jimmy Howard was good. Incidentally, that was the last time the team was any good. It’s been a long time coming, but the Red Wings are back on the rise."