The truth about Steve Yzerman exposed “from behind the curtain.”

Yzerman shows his true colors.

Jonathan Larivee

In a relatively short time as a general manager in the National Hockey League, Steve Yzerman has quickly developed a reputation for being among the very best at his role. Yzerman had tremendous success in Tampa Bay and many to this day credit him, at least in part, for the incredible run of success the Lightning have had in recent years and he once again appears to be working his magic on the Detroit Red Wings.

Yzerman isn't only known as an excellent general manager though, he's also known for simply being an all around great human being. Sometimes though the reality is that our heroes simply aren't what we build them up to be, and often that can be tremendously disappointing for fans that feel invested in a particular player or personality.

Thankfully that does not appear to be the case when it comes to Yzerman and in fact if anything the opposite may be true. Recently George Malik of the Malik Report shared a very behind the scenes moment he experienced involving the Red Wings general manager, one in which Yzerman very likely believed that he wasn't being overheard. According to Malik, he accidentally overheard Yzerman speaking to a security guard that was on hand while food was being served, only to hear Yzerman insist that the security guard feel welcomed to join them for the meal.

"Things you overhear from behind the curtain: a certain general manager telling the security guard to be sure to eat dinner, too, and take as much as he likes, because it's for him as much as anyone else," said Malik on Friday.

According to the Red Wings beat reporter, he only happened to overhear Yzerman having the conversation because the room just happened to get quiet at that very moment.

Malik admits that these are the types of moments he generally doesn't like to share as they can be quite personal, however he also admits that the moment was simply too good and too genuine not to share with the world.

While Yzerman is often all business, those closest to him have often recounted stories of his kindness and generosity behind the scenes. It appears that holds true even when Yzerman believes no one else is around.